Personal Waves

I am one those people who can only offer to others what I truly believe works myself. Some of the ways that I found most resourcing as I face challenges include understanding my nervous system, somatic movement, establishing a rhythm for myself and aligning more with nature. This has now become the basis of my offering to others. I find thar being in nature brings us into resource and that is why I feel very blessed to offer one-to-one sessions in a yurt perched up on hill overlooking the ocean, allowing people to drop out of the busyness of life (still only 20 minutes from Dublin). We light the little stove, drink warming teas and experience as the elements wrap around us. I do also work remotely with people and during these Covid times I am offering zoom sessions.
At the heart of my training is the notion that I am only the ‘tour guide’. I like this notion, who am I to know what is needed? Who am I to know what wants to come into the light of a session? So the question morphs into “what matters most in serving my client?” In answering this question- it is about my intention to create an environment in which you can access your own resources, your own thinking, your own felt sense.

My role is to create safety, comfort and support, to invite the elements to wrap around you and for me to be as present as I can be, holding space, regulating my own system so it can be resource for you to co-regulate. Actually, making sure I have had my really good cup of coffee that morning.

My role is to orientate you back towards your resources, if your system gets overwhelmed, I will bring you back into your breath or your own somatic strength or help you orientate to something in the environment which can bring the system back into regulation. I will offer frames such as the Celtic calendar, heroine’s journey, hero’s journey, the Celtic spiral and Amygdala  hijack. Frames which may offer a larger container to hold a challenging experience, to offer the possibility that you are not alone in our endeavours, to gently invite you back into self-compassion. To see perhaps that wherever you are, how lost you feel and whatever you are experiencing is part of the human journey and in some way, is bringing you back to more of who you are. Perhaps also offering the peripheral vision to come back online to see the possibility of knowing that things are OK, perhaps seeing a new possibility, a new way forward.


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