Circle Waves

Come, gather in


As we face into these strange times and meet uncertainty and fear, we can unsurprisingly find ourselves feeling wobbly at times, we can lose our sense of centre and ground, like trying to swim in strong currents of the sea, we can find ourselves being thrown from a flow of hyper-arousal to an ebb of feeling stuck and overwhelmed. This was certainly my experience as we started to face into Covid.

The great news is that the sea can calm, our ground is always there for us to return to, to remember, to re-orientate to. And as Celtic wisdom says there is meant to be a forgetting, we are meant to lose our way and the spiral is the joy of remembering the wisdom that we know in our bones.


The invitation

Come sit in a virtual circle of remembering

Bring your cuppa, perhaps a warm blanket and make yourself a cosy nest of cushions, as we come together in a circle of remembering:

  • remembering our ground
  • remembering our connection to each other in a web of women
  • remembering how we can align with the cycle of nature at this time
  • remembering how to cultivate a rhythm of returning to the wisdom of the heart


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“Because the mind is always engaged with whatever is happening now, it often forgets who we are. The heart never forgets. Everything of significance is inscribed there. The heart is the archive of all our intimate memory. What is truly felt leaves the deepest inscription. Each of us carries the book of our life inside our hearts”.

John O’ Donohue, Benedictus

We will gently move the bodies to connect more fully with our experiences of this time and to perhaps hear the whispers of what wants more life within us.