Bringing us back to more of who we are

At the heart of my shamanic training is the notion that I am only the ‘tour guide’. I like this notion, who am I to know what is needed? Who am I to know what wants to come into the light of a session? So the question morphs into “what matters most in serving my client?” In answering this question- it is about my intention to create an environment in which they can access their own resources, their own thinking, their own felt sense.

I feel my role is to create safety, comfort and support, to invite the elements to wrap around them, their guides to come in and for me to be as present as I can be, holding space, inviting my mind back when it wanders, regulating my own system so it can be resource for them to co-regulate. Actually, making sure I have had my really good cup of coffee that morning.

I see my role as orientating them back towards resource if their system gets overwhelmed either by bringing them into their heart, their breath, or offering frames such as the Celtic calendar, heroine’s journey, hero’s journey, the Celtic spiral and amygdule highjack, frames which may offer a larger container to hold a challenging experience, to offer the possibility that we are not alone in our endeavours, to gently invite us back into self-compassion. To see perhaps that wherever we are, how lost we feel and whatever we are experiencing is part of the human journey and in some way, is bringing us back to more of who we are. Perhaps also offering the peripheral vision to come back online to see the possibility of knowing that things are OK.



“ We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even fiercer life because of our quiet.” – Yeats