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Remembering your resources

Creating Waves

My work reminds you (and me) of how to hold on to what resources us as we face challenge so we can create waves, waves of activity and recovery, waves of facing into challenge and coming back to resource, thus increasing our capacity and protecting our immune system.

Why the need for the reminder? As we face into crisis (as we are doing now in the world now) we tend to forget what serves us best. The part of our brain that regulates learning and memory (the hippocampus) is very sensitive to stress and does not work as well. We can find ourselves forgetting what serves us best and perhaps feeling less focused in thinking.

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Spiral Back to Ourselves

I love ancient Celtic wisdom which says we are meant to forget and feel lost in life, the Celtic spiral is a spiral back to ourselves. I love the proposition that perhaps wherever you are, how lost you feel and whatever you are experiencing is part of the human journey and in some way, is bringing you back to more of who you really are.

My unique approach brings together:

The latest neuroscience research and ancient wisdom

Somatic movement and ways to still the mind.

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